Sarah Zhang

Lifestyle Show Producer/Host, House Films

Meet Sarah Zhang, Producer/Host of lifestyle shows, Key Opinion Leader for Wine, Food and Lifestyle, Video Content and Social Media Marketing Expert and Producer and Host of ‘Connoisseur’ which happened to be China’s Top Wine Educational Show. Phew! Her achievements are more than these and incredible! Mentioning about some facts and figures; she has about 1 million fans online in China, around 1 million Weibo reads per month, over 1 million video views per episode and above 500 million views online for her shows till date.

With all the achievements, Sarah has worked with many celebrity chefs, executive chefs, mixologists of five-star hotels and restaurants in China. She has also worked with Government Agencies, which includes, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Italian Trade Agency, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Austrian Wine Marketing Board and Tejo Wine Committee Portugal. Sarah is one of the few female directors who has directed Chinese celebrities such as Li Bingbing and Jet Li and has worked for international organizations, World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP).

Talking about her lifestyle, Sarah has become well-known among upscale Chinese consumers for her unique style and attitude about life. She is passionate to show her fans that the world is there to enjoy. Hence, food, drink, art, travel and conversations are the most important aspects in life. Sarah represents modern China. She is one confident woman and is open to experiences that the world has to offer!