Claudia Masueger

Founder & CEO, CHEERS Wines, Beijing

I have always believed that, “Passion, Hard work and discipline are the keys to SUCCESS.”. 

I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CHEERS Wines, a new wine generation which makes 
wine drinking fun and affordable. 

In 2008, when I first arrived at Beijing, I had two suitcases of wine and a huge dream to rock China’s wine market. I embarked on my journey with starting MQ Wines, a company with the aim of providing high quality wine at low prices to B2B wine channels in China.

Within two years, MQ Wines had grown tremendously and we had massive amount of clients that were based in 23 different provinces. However, in 2010, our warehouse was burnt down and we were put out of business for four months. 

In true entrepreneurial spirit, I decided to start CHEERS Wines in 2011. We wanted to make quality wines affordable so that everyone can enjoy at least a good glass of wine without having to empty their pockets. I also started CHEERS wine with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and incorporating the element of FUN amongst young people.

CHEERS Wines is now a strong and trusted brand in Beijing, and my aim is to build up 888 stores in China and constantly keeping CHEERS Wines at the top of the market. 

CHEERS genuinely enjoy surprising customers with new products, passionate customer services and diversified range of store themes and marketing campaigns.