Claudia Masueger

Founder & CEO, CHEERS Wines, Beijing

Claudia, from Switzerland arrived in China in 2008 with two suitcases full of wine samples to start an incredible adventure. She first successfully built up a B2B wine wholesale company in Beijing called
MQ Wines.

When the warehouse burned down in November2010, Claudia changed strategy. Seeing a huge opportunity in distributing high quality wines from
the vineyards directly to Chinese young consumers at affordable prices, in 2011 the CHEERS concept was born.

Today CHEERS count over 66 outlets in 14 different cities and it’s famous for making wine drinking fund & affordable.

Claudia’s strong will to go beyond borders, her passion for people, her family´s wine background and her sensibility for the market has made her one of the figure heads of the Chinese wine market.