Alexandre Souzy

Asia-Pacific Export Manager, Carrefour, Shanghai

Alexandre Souzy Suya Mountain, I am based in Shanghai. I have been studying and working in the wine industry since 2001. Previously in France, I was an agri-food engineer. I worked in a winery in Provence for more than 5 years. I was involved in winegrowing and brewing. During my master's degree in winemaking at the International Grape and Wine Organization, I traveled to 26 countries around the world. The grape producing areas of the region also had the first contact with Asia and fell in love with this magical continent, so I decided to settle in China to work and live. French is my mother tongue, and I also speak English, and some Italian, Spanish and of course Chinese. Since 2013, I have started to make wine purchases at Carrefour China. Since 2015, I have been responsible for the entire Asia Pacific business of the French National Carrefour Wine and Spirits Purchasing Center.