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Simone George

Global Wine & Grape Broker, Ciatti


Simone George joined Ciatti in 2006 after completing a Bachelor in Wine Marketing at the University of Adelaide in 2005.  Before working with Ciatti, Simone was actively involved in the off trade market of alcoholic beverages at BWS.  Her initial role as Wine Brokers Assistant covered all aspects of sample inventory, intake and despatch.  She was promoted to Wine & Grape Broker in 2011 and covers domestic, European and Asian business for the office.  Simone brings 13 years experience at Ciatti to the international bulk wine market.  

Ciatti Company has been the leader in brokering wine, grapes,concentrate and grape spirits. Their expertise and unique market insight ensure you receive localizedand accurate information daily. With eight offices worldwide, the Ciatti Company provides thecomprehensive solution to all your wine brokerage needs.