Photo for: Sarah Zhang

Sarah Zhang

Lifestyle Show Producer/Host, House Films


Sarah Zhang is a Lifestyle show producer/host, expert of video content & social media marketing, Shanghai, China. As a top lifestyle show producerdirector/host in China, she has produced the No.1 wine educational show in China - "Connoisseur 葡萄酒鉴赏家", which is at its 6th season this year. Other popular shows like "Dining with David and Sarah/与David 和Sarah进餐", "About Wine关于葡萄酒", "Perfect Pairing完美搭配", "Fast and Tasty 美食小课堂", "Sarah's English Challenge/ Sarah的英语挑战", "At the Movies with Sarah/Sarah 的电影世界", "Quest China 大挑战" & "Quest USA 大挑战", etc.