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What to expect at the 2019 IBWSS China event?

IBWSS will gather the leading suppliers of bulk wine, spirits & more from all over the place in Shanghai, China


The two-day IBWSS China event in November 2019 will feature two major components – a lively exhibition trade show floor where top OEM and bulk wine and spirits exhibitors will be able to meet directly with potential buyers in China’s vibrant wine capital. There will be plenty of time for networking, making contacts, and face-to-face interactions with Chinese buyers. This is really a unique opportunity to expand into the all-important Chinese wine market.

At the same time, the event will feature an all-star line-up of top wine industry experts and insiders, who will share their insights and advice on how to succeed within the global bulk wine and spirits industry. Based on previous versions of the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS) that have already taken place in London and San Francisco, there will be presentations and panel discussions on the following topics at the Shanghai event:

  • What retailers are really looking for in OEM and bulk suppliers
  • Regulatory issues specific to bulk products and OEM wines
  • How retailers can build profitable OEM label programs
  • OEM label and bulk strategy for importers and distributors
  • Trends and opportunities in the global bulk market
  • Why and how to ship in bulk to China
  • Leveraging bulk and OEM best practices
  • How to market to young millennial wine drinkers in China
  • Quality challenges facing bulk wine

To make this event as interactive as possible, Beverage Trade Network is planning a list of speakers who can present their own experiences and insights in lively, TEDx-style talks. Some of the types of speakers that you might encounter at the 2019 IBWSS event in Shanghai include the following:

  • Top executives at shipping and logistics firms that can help bring your products to the Chinese market
  • Top branding and marketing professionals who understand the mindset of the Chinese wine consumer
  • Top importers and distributors who can share actionable insights on what works (and what doesn’t)
  • Top regulatory experts who can help you navigate the Chinese market
  • Top winemakers who can share tips on creating wines that Chinese wine drinkers actually want to buy

In just two days, you will walk away with the insights in OEM, bulk wine and bulk spirits business. Visitor registration for the show is now open. Please visit for more information.

About IBWSS China

In November 2019, Beverage Trade Network will host the first-ever International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS) in Shanghai, China. The two-day event (November 5-6, 2019) will include an exhibition trade show floor for buyers and sellers to meet in a central marketplace, as well as a series of speaker presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions designed to offer practical, actionable advice about the Chinese bulk wine and spirits industry.

Mark your calendars now for IBWSS China. To see a full program of the two-day IBWSS China event, Sign up here.

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