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OEM Wine and Spirits Show Coming to Shanghai

International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show coming to China in November 2019


Following up on the success of its International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS) in both London and San Francisco, Beverage Trade Network is now bringing this popular and highly acclaimed event to Shanghai, China in November 2019. Over a two-day period (November 5-6, 2019), participants at the IBWSS China event will have an opportunity to meet directly with leading figures from the global bulk wine and Chinese OEM wine industry.

This international bulk wine and spirits show is the first of its kind in Mainland China and further evidence of just how powerful the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) wine trend has become for the Chinese wine market. Using the OEM wine business model, it is now possible for Chinese importers and distributors to source bulk wine from nations such as Australia, Chile, and Spain and then create private label wines for specific demographic audiences throughout China. According to estimates, there are nearly 1 million different OEM wine brands in China. Retail shops, specialty store, and online e-commerce destinations are all looking for unique, one-of-a-kind wines that they can sell to Chinese consumers.

Given the scope and scale of this OEM wine trend in China, it’s easy to see why global bulk wine producers, negociants, bulk wine brokers, contract bottlers, importers and distributors are looking for new ways to enter the Chinese market. The OEM wine trend in China has opened up an entirely new opportunity set for these businesses, and the IBWSS China event is the place where all of these market participants can meet in one central location and discuss the future of the industry.

Over a two-day period in November 2019, IBWSS Shanghai will become the meeting place for anyone interested in bulk wine and spirits, private label programs, contract manufacturing, and OEM wines and spirits. The IBWSS China event will feature an exhibition trade show floor, speaker presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions with some of the leading figures in the industry. Confirmed speakers for this event include Theo Watt, Co-Founder of Thirsty Work Productions; and Ian Anderson Ford, Founding Partner of Nimbility and Founder of Lightkeeper Studio.

There are a number of ways for participants to grow their business by attending IBWSS China in November 2019. Networking on the exhibition trade show floor, for example, could lead to new partnerships and business deals for bringing imported wines to China or exporting Chinese wines abroad. Insights gained from Q&A sessions and panel discussions can help to develop an actionable strategy for the Chinese wine market. And simply networking with top players in the Chinese OEM market could help to unlock strategic partnerships and industry best practices.

If you’ve been looking for a way to access the Chinese market, IBWSS China 2019 provides the perfect opportunity to meet with bulk wine broker firms, key retail chain buyers from Shanghai, and innovative creators of OEM private label brands. The OEM wine trend is shaping the future growth and trajectory of the Chinese wine market, and it is important to understand how this OEM trend impacts any company thinking about doing business in China.

About IBWSS China

In November 2019, Beverage Trade Network will host the first-ever International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS) in Shanghai, China. The two-day event (November 5-6, 2019) will include an exhibition trade show floor for buyers and sellers to meet in a central marketplace, as well as a series of speaker presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions designed to offer practical, actionable advice about the Chinese bulk wine and spirits industry.

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