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IBWSS Shanghai Conference is Here

2019 IBWSS Shanghai Conference is here. Book your conference tickets now.


After hosting successful sessions over the years in both San Francisco and London, Beverage Trade Network is bringing the International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show (IBWSS) to Shanghai. Only 5 days to go for the IBWSS Shanghai Conference.

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Over a two-day period (November 5-6, 2019), participants will have a chance to meet directly with Chinese buyers and find out how they can participate in the fast-growing Chinese OEM wine market. IBWSS Shanghai will showcase leading bulk wine broker firms, key retail chain buyers in Shanghai, and owners of private label programs in China.

The IBWSS Shanghai Conference is a 2-day conference where speakers from across the alco-bev industry who will share their knowledge, experience, and expertise on the bulk wine, bulk spirits, and private label business.

The first day of the conference (5th November) will take off with Ian Anderson Ford - Founding Partner at Nimbility giving a 30-minute session on Wine Brand Building In China.  Peter Dixon, Regional Managing Director, Asia & Global Travel Retail at Accolade Wines will then take the stage for a 30-minute session on Insights on Managing and Leading People in China.

The mic will then be held by Rodrigo Jackson, Managing Director VCT China at Concha Y Toro who will share on How to Build Partnerships in China. Following him will be Thorsten Beer, Managing Director, Greater China at Hillebrand, giving his insights on 5 Guidelines for Navigating Bulk Wine Logistics.

Other speakers on day 1 of the conference include:

The second day of the conference (6th November) will start off with Simone George, Global Wine & Grape Broker at Ciatti taking the stage and sharing her insights on Bulk Wine Global Market Overview and Opportunities. Following her will be Alexandre Souzy, Asia-pacific Export Manager at Maison Johanès Boubée who will talk on Marketing Support That BIG Chain Buyers Are Really Looking For.

The stage will then be taken over by Claudia Maseugar, Founder & CEO at Cheers Wines, sharing her experience and knowledge on Merchandising and Growing Your Retail (OEM) Wine Labels. Theo Watt, Founder at Thirsty Work Productions will then speak on China Wine and Spirits Culture Trends and Opportunities.

Other speakers on day 2 of the conference include:

  • Sarah Zhang, Lifestyle Show Producer/Host, House Films - Generally Building your Brand in China

  • Matteo Cecchetto, Fine Wine Brand Manager, Summergate - How to market luxury/fine wine in China and grow distribution

  • Lynne Xu, National E-marketing Manager, Bacardi - Building Your Brand Via E-commerce In China

  • Hexu Wang, Wine Lecturer, Changyu Pioneer International Limited

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Trade show floor

Being the only show of its kind in Mainland China, IBWSS Shanghai will also have a tradeshow floor - where participants will gain an opportunity to interact with potential buyers looking to expand their imports of foreign wine. Moreover, it will give foreign wine companies a one-of-kind chance to explore many new Chinese wine offerings, including new super-premium wines produced at China’s prestigious wine chateaux.

The IBWSS Shanghai Conference is here!

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Why The OEM Market?

The most important driver of growth in the Chinese wine industry right now is the OEM market, which is China’s version of the Western private label wine market. Just as supermarkets, retailers, and restaurants are looking to create their own private label wines in cities like London, New York, and San Francisco, the same trend is now being observed in the Chinese marketplace. And, if anything, the rapid pace of the OEM wine trend in China far eclipses the growth rate found in other markets. For example, there are now almost 1 million wine brands in China – nearly 10 times the number of wine brands found in the United States.

What makes the OEM market in China so dynamic is that Chinese importers and distributors are able to leverage the globalization of the bulk wine market. Australian and Chilean bulk wine producers, for example, now represent some of the most successful new participants in the Chinese wine market. At one time, the only foreign wines in China were French or Italian; now, wines are being sourced from Australia, Chile, Europe, and the United States. China has reached a unique inflection point where the growth rate of bulk wine imports has now surpassed the growth rate of bottled wine imports.

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