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IBWSS China Gears Up for Wine Export Conference & Baijiu Conference

IBWSS China is set to launch China Wine USA Export Conference and China Baijiu USA Export Conference in Shanghai this fall.


The U.S wine and spirits market is the largest market in the world, which also makes it one of the most competitive markets to get into. One of the biggest challenges for the wine, beer, and spirits producers and suppliers is finding the right way to penetrate into the American market, and then indispensably remain there.

Beverage Trade Network (BTN) hosted the International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in Shanghai for the first time in November 2019. After the success of the show, BTN noticed the gap between the Chinese producers and the American market.

The Chinese wine and spirits industry is growing day by day, and brands are looking to export their wines & spirits to the US to enter the market - but due to the competitive market and technical differences, wine and spirits exports to the US are slow.

Noticing this gap, BTN is gearing up for two new conferences :

Both the conferences are going to be the major limbs of IBWSS China in 2020. Both CWUEC and CBUEC are set to USA help wine and spirits brands and producers to develop and learn strategies, tools and make connections to be successful in the U.S. The conferences will dive into the ins and outs of the American drinks market, how to get in, and how to retain a brand in the ever growing and competitive market.

The conferences will be held by three leading industry experts, namely:

Here’s what you will learn at the conferences

  1. Understand the U.S Market

    It’s an absolutely critical factor and one that can give you a meaningful competitive edge in the U.S. Simply stated importers do not want to spend their time educating you; they want you to come to them with a basic understanding of the market. The better you can demonstrate that you understand the three-tier system, brand economics, and have realistic expectations, the more likely it is that you will be successful.

  2. Recognise that having a great product is necessary but not sufficient

    You must have a simple and compelling story about how you are going to help them grow their business with your brand and portfolio. 

  3. Realistic Expectations

    You should have realistic expectations of what success will look like in terms of cases and revenues, over a given time frame in identified markets.  They expect you to understand and plan for investing the resources in terms of money and people necessary to achieve those objectives. 

Here’s what’s on at the China Wine USA Export Conference(12th September 2020) & China Baijiu USA Export Conference(13th September 2020)

Along with the conference, IBWSS will also be providing attendees with training material which will include:

  1. Training Kit with Course Details

  2. Direct Q&A Session with speakers

  3. Course Completion Certificate

  4. International Events List

  5. International Competition List

  6. List of 50 Liquor Importers Information

  7. List of 50 Important and biggest Retailers

  8. Price and Tax Structure (With Example: Steve Raye)

Where & When

China Wine USA Export Conference

12th September 2020

Shanghai, China

To register click here

China Baijiu USA Export Conference

13th September 2020

Shanghai, China

To register click here

About BTN

Beverage Trade Network(BTN) is a global media and B2B networking platform based in USA servicing suppliers, buyers and beverage professionals in the global beverage industry. BTN runs other competitions around the world with the same philosophy and judging process like London Wine Competition, USA Wine Ratings. BTN also owns BevRoute, a magazine for Importers and Distributors and runs a line up of trade shows around the world which includes USA Trade Tasting in New York, IBWSS UK in London and IBWSS China in Shanghai,  IBWSS USA in San Francisco, Cannabis Drinks Expo and Cannabis Food Show.