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Top 10 Wine Importers of China

As China's thirst for imported wines continued to grow. We took a closer look at the country's top wine importers that are responsible for driving up its numbers.


ASC Fine Wines

ASC Fine Wines was established in mid-1990, like the fine wine importers of China. They are specialized in purveying some of the finest wines in the world. The company represents more than 100 wineries over 1200 wines from 16 countries and is able to offer consumers a comprehensive selection of premium fine wines. ASC Fine Wines initiate to offer Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) wine education courses to consumers and to members of an industry. It has been able to unite its position as the finest wine importing wine business in China.

EMW Fine Wines

EMW (East Meets West) Fine Wines was established in 2003 and is the major wine importers of China wine market with its head office based in Shanghai. They are also distributing more than 600 label wines from 13 different countries to luxury hotels, gastronomic restaurants, high-end retailer chains, online shops, wholesalers, and private consumers in more than 150 cities in China. The company name reflects its goal to share and exchange its passion, knowledge and wine culture with wine lovers all over China. EMW Fine Wines sommeliers offer personalized wine recommendations and selections to their private and business clients respectively.

Roque Fine Wines

Roque Fine Wines is a team of seasoned wine professionals with over 30 years of experience as the finest wine importers of China. The company is expertise in building brands and representing family owned and estate wineries from top producing regions in the world. They distribute and market wine from the world's top estates and chateaux. They have built a stable distribution of wines at restaurants, hotels and retail stores. With the help of their logistics and compliance expert team, they ensure that wines are safely imported to China. Their aim is to bring the right quantity of wine into the market and build brand equity while increasing sales and distribution.

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EEDC (Eastern Empire Distribution Co., Ltd) was founded 25 years ago and has prided itself as a leader in the industry with the capabilities to be adjusted to changes and opportunities in the environment. They are the quality wine importers of China and also imports spirits into Asia. With the start in Taiwan, EEDC established itself as one of the domestic company to import and establish international wine and spirits brands into developing Asian markets. EEDC provides a service opportunity for foreign companies looking to enter the emerging Chinese market. The company is committed to excellence to make global alcohol brand a success in China.

The Diva China

Diva China was established in 2009, following and responding to new wine market trends and needs. They are the leading wine importers of China and have also built long-term cooperation with over 300 wine importers to be a leading international wine trader in China market. Their team is coordinating with wineries, export officers, local import agents, logistic, and is supporting actively their importers and distributors etc. The company has built professional connections and commercial opportunities with top importers and retailers throughout the 5 countries.


Paradox was established in 1999 in Hangzhou, China. The company was basically named as French wine Paradox and started as wine importers of China. They import French wine and distribute it throughout the China market. Their services to retailers include professional consulting, imported product/ wine training to supermarket managerial staff, marketing, and promotion plans. Paradox has 12 warehouses, 20 local offices and their products are available at 2800 stores in 321 Chinese cities.

Summer Gates

Summer Gates Fine Wines & Spirits was founded in 1999 and are a major player in the greater China drinks market. The company picks internationally renowned brands based on their reputation for and commitment to quality. They exclusively represent over 100 brands from 19 of the world’s leading drinks producing companies. Summer Gates one of the great china’s leading drinks companies, building market across China for over 16 years. They are dedicated to build and serve a direct distribution network at the retail level, for premium imported drinks all across China.

Torres China

Torres China - Great Wines, Great People! The company was established in 1997 as wine importers of China and has built mutual trust with their customers and partners including the most prestigious hotels and fine dining restaurants, bars and clubs alike throughout China. Torres China carries out the commitment and passion of European wine families, placing it amongst the leading wine distributors in China. Their portfolio selects exclusively from the most renowned wine producing regions. With great service, accessibility they offer some of the outstanding family produced wines to everyone.               

Kelit Italian Wine Ltd

Kelit Italian Wine Ltd was established in 2007 in Shenzhen, with the headquarters in Hong Kong. They are the wine importers of China, importing a range of Italian wines. The company represents wine portfolios from more than 50 Italian wineries, covering 15 wine regions in Italy. With their innovative model and professional work ethic, they introduce and build brands delegate for Chinese consumers, and create values with their partners. Kelit is the leading service provider for importing and distributing Italian wine in China.

Globus Wine Company

Globus Wine Company is a dynamic wine importer and distributor servicing the wine markets pan-China. The wines they represent are crafted by boutique producers, showing the best of their particular region. Their portfolio has over two hundred wines from more than thirty artisans, which are shipped and stored in temperature controlled facilities. Globus wines own, and operates, two wine shops in Shanghai, giving chance to meet new customers every day. 

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