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Leading Wine Distributors in China

Here you will find the list of leading wine distributors in China. Distributing wines to licensed restaurants, retail chains, supermarkets, private clubs, and wholesalers throughout China.


Torres China

Torres ChinaTorres China is the finest wine distributor in China since 1997, with offices in eight major cities and over 400 wines from 14 countries. They have built a mutual bond with their partners and clients majorly hotel chains, such as Marriott, Shangri-La, Hilton, Hyatt etc. Their portfolio selects the renowned wine-production regions and from families that represent the best inheritance of winemaking. The company carries out the commitment and passion of legendary European wine families, making them the leading wine distributors in China. Torres China team is passionate to deliver quality in everything, offering wine expert advice and education, event planning and organization, wine accessories and preservation solutions.

ASC Fine Wines

ASC Fine WinesASC Fine Wines was established as wine importer in China since past 20 years and in 2009, they started to work as the finest wine distributors in China. The company has been indebted with many customers they work with. Their customers are from all different channels and cities across the country-hotels, restaurants, retails shops, supermarkets, wholesalers and individual customers who are wine lovers. ASC Fine Wines is offering some of the finest wines in the world. They represent more than 100 wineries over 1200 wines from 16 countries and are able to offer consumers a selection of premium fine wines. 

EMW Fine Wines

EMW EMW (East Meets West) Fine Wines was founded in 2003 as the major wine distributors in China. The company is specialized in family-owned wineries from most of the renowned wine regions in the world. EMW is now distributing more than 600 labels from 13 different countries to hotels, retail chain, gastronomic restaurants, wholesalers, distributors, and private customers in more than 150 cities in China. The name of the company itself reflects its goals to share and exchange its passion, knowledge and wine culture with wine lovers all over China.

Beijing Puqu Wine Co.Ltd

PuquBeijing Puqu Wine Co., LTD was established in 2010 as a wine importer and brand operator focused on fine wineries in Australia’s quality producing areas. The quality of the Portuguese wine industry has been awarded to Australian wine experts by the Australian Wine Authority. The company is also one of the finest wine distributors in China with some protocols of having a considerable financial strength, a good reputation and good channel relations, and a certain network distribution capabilities. Beijing Puqu Wine selects each of the wines from famous Australian wineries and has many years of cultural accumulation.

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The Wine Republic

The Wine RepublicThe Wine Republic was established in 2008 with a vision of offering high-quality wines from leading family-owned producers from the world’s best regions. They are committed to providing best service to their customers. Their portfolio includes more than 260 wines from 45 producers in 6 countries. The Wine Republic is the finest wine distributor in China, as they ship the wines in full temperature control vessels to ensure that wine taste as good in China as they do where they were made. The company delivers wines directly to China’s leading hotel, restaurant groups, quality retailers, online retailers, and consumers.


Jointex Fine Wine Company Ltd

Jointek Jointek Fine Wine Company Ltd. was established in 1988 and has become one of the largest wine importers of imported wines in China. Besides the fine wine distributors in China, they also distribute great wines from Dourthe Group Yealands chateau, Ochagavia winery etc. The company distributes over thousands of categories of wines from over 200 good wine chateaus from 8 famous wine producing countries. Jointek Fine Wine positions itself as a good distributor of finest wines from all around the world to the Chinese market. Their goal is to create high-quality products to magnify consumer quality of life.

Empire M International Co., Ltd

Empire MEmpire M International Co., Ltd was established in 2006, as a foreign-owned enterprise located in Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone. The company’s main business is to trade French and Australian wines in wholesale, which can be found in well-known hotels, famous wine chain stores, large high-end restaurants, and private clubs. Their team works as the finest wine distributors in China and continue to bring top quality France and Australian wines to their customers at most affordable pricing. Empire M International Co. Ltd aims to bring the rich and delicious wines of France and Australia into the homes of people.

Globus Wine Company

Globus WineGlobus Wine Company is a dynamic wine importer and distributor servicing the wine markets pan-China. The wines they represent are crafted by boutique producers, showing best of their particular region. Their portfolio has over two hundred wines from more than thirty artisans, which are shipped and stored in temperature controlled facilities. Globus wines own, and operates, two wine shops in Shanghai, giving chance to meet new customers every day.  The company is one of the finest wine distributors in China by providing their clients with a growing world-class portfolio matched by professional service.

Loewe Wine Distributors

Loewe Loewe Wine Distributors are the finest wine distributors in China. The company is committed to searching Australian regional wineries to find the finest quality wines. Their dedicated team searches for the premier region wines of South Australia and meet with winery and winemaker alike to showcase the best region has to offer. They have the different types of varietals including sophisticated Shiraz or a fruity Merlot and can provide with first-rate wines to suit their client’s needs. Loewe Wine Distributors also have a selection of Australian grown and produced organic wine and preservative free wines, and Australian grown Haifarm wines produced according to organic principles.

China Star Wines

China Star Wines are the South African wine specialists, focusing on the wines from Western Cape region. The company has quality and reputable fine wines from South Africa, which are available in China. They are the fine wine distributors in China representing the South African wines. Their wines are from the famous Western Cape region, with a history of award-winning wines which are of high quality and superior in taste. China Star Wines represent estates only and focus on vineyards that harvest and manage their own crops. Their goal is to place quality South African wines into the Asian market.

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