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Finest Bars of Shanghai

Taking you through craft cocktail bars, speakeasies and laid back dives that Shanghai has to offer.


Shanghai, a central coast city holding a reputation as the global financial hub and a blend of both eastern and western culture, ranks 4th in the world for the highest number of skyscrapers - and is just not popular for its dumpling soup. Shanghai is an emerging market for the beverage industry by adapting to the trends and culture of drinking, the city has made drinking look more fashionable and has come out with bars you just cannot afford to miss going to.

YYs (Yin Yang)

Shanghai’s dearest bar has stood for more than two decades, credits to its vintage cocktail contributions and exceptional, historical ambiance. With a little classic touch of propaganda art, shelves lined with books worn off with time and eye-catching posters, this bar attracts most of the tourists walking down the street. The red-carpeted stairs to the subterranean bar is an example of how to fit Old-school with cool. 

Find them at 125 Nanchang Road, Huangpu Qu Shanghai Shi, 200085, China

Stone Brewing Tap Room

This bar brings together San-diego and Shanghai together in one place. Opened in 2018 Stone Brewing Tap Room is an American Beer Temple is based on the sustainabilities-focused sensibilities, with some 30 types of suds. This Industrial obsessed bar and restaurant has its own house brew Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA. The touch of typical American roll-up garage doors escort the best of breeze straight into the bar and with an expansive garden seating area ideal for tucking in the Gastropub chicken and waffles dining. The bar is best known for its Tangerine Express beer.  

Find them at 1107 Yuyuan Road, Changning Qu Shanghai Shi, 200336, China


The ambiguous words carved into the sign outside Healer Bar “kiss time or kill time?” in the former French Yielding may give customers and the tourists a dramatic pause but once inside, there’s a strange story to disclose – the science of ingesting baijiu, China’s response to light. Proprietor Phoebe Han, who explores China to study regarding the geographical diversity of baijiu, has provided this old-school spirit a much-needed makeover by combining it in cocktails that allow its incomparable features to glow through. Trying the Bamboo Forest cocktail or for something a little less spirited makes the patrons visit this bar again and again.

Find them at 30 Tian Ping Lu, Xuhui Qu Shanghai Shi, 200000, China

The Beer Lady

This Shanghai organization is located on the outskirts of Kaixuan outpost and ought to come with a Caution label. Mrs. Zhang, the owner and the title holder ‘beer lady’ stocks around 3000 brands ranging between low to high double-alcohol IPAS. Get a place at one of the tall tables indoors or out behind and start sampling brews from around the world. Look out for that Snake venom beer with 67% ABV making it the world's strongest beer.

Find them at 1010 Kaixuan Road, Changning Qu Shanghai Shi, 200061, China

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Cages is a tribute over the top for the athletes occupying a space of 4000 square meters. Hit a few balls in the professional baseball setting, join dodgeball or football leagues that can be played on indoor turfs. Throw some darts, or enjoy the time watching everyone play. Surrounded by big tv screens, beer flowing free from the taps, nachos piled high on plates and chicken wings hot and spicy like they are supposed to be. Your goals here -- play, watch, drink, eat and repeat. Cages is a complete package for visitors to come and leave the rest to the place itself.

Find them at 325 Changhua Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China


Running away from responsibilities is one of the many things humans are good at, Barbarian took the responsibility of taking away responsibilities from patrons. By asking the taste and a selection of palate of consumer’s choice, bartenders work their magic, by serving just what you have in mind. With the rustic-chic touch of the location, this bar has wooden swings and an open rooftop terrace for that Shanghai Sunlight and can be visited anytime.

Find them at 1019 Wuding Road, Jingan Qu Shanghai Shi, 200083, China

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