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8 Wine Retailers in Shanghai You Need To Know

Explore the list of leading wine retailers in Shanghai.


With China being one of the largest wine markets across the globe, wine brands are always looking to find their way into the Chinese wine market. Let’s not forget that Shanghai has some of the highest number of wine drinkers across China, and this includes both locals and tourists.

One of the best ways to get into the market is by identifying the right retailers to hold your wines. So, think of it this way, as a wine brand, what retail stores do you want your wine to be at, and who is right for you? We’ve made things easier and picked out 8 leading wine retailers in Shanghai, where you can find a spot for your wines.

Here’s a peek into the 8 leading wine retailers in Shanghai.

1. Yesmywine

Founded in 2008, Yesmywine is a Chinese B2C platform for imported grape wine. It is one of the largest imported wine retailers in the world. Yesmywine started selling wine via telephone calls and eventually shifted to a purely e-commerce based module. Unlike many retail giants, Yesmywine sells only wine, which sets this company apart in the wine market.

Contact: 777 Guangzhong Road West, Shanghai 200072, +86 (0)400 820 8060

2. Cellar Door Wines

Cellar Door Wines  opened in 2008, with a simple ideology to follow through the lifespan – ‘Celebrate Life’. With Australian wine at the heart and soul of this business, founder Andy Xu has brought the part of the Australian lifestyle to China. They buy their wines directly from boutique Australian wineries and each of those wines are tasted individually. With the most comprehensive range of Australian wines, they stand as an icon for Australian wines in China. Their portfolio of five star rated wines covers the most major wine regions of Australia. This retailer has been awarded Australia’s A+ Australian Wine Specialist since 2013 and has won the Best Retailer Award from Wine Australia in 2013 and 2014.

Contact: 508 Jiashan Road, Xuhui, Shanghai 200031, +86 (0)215 466 6936

3. Cellarmaster Wines

Cellarmaster Wines is a leading online wine retailer in Hong Kong. The retailer has over 20 years of experience in the market. Cellarmaster Wines sources their wines from around the world and delivers all over Hong Kong. They also partner with bars and restaurants in the city in order to bring a number of exciting events to their customers. These events include tastings, drinks parties and dinners. Their portfolio showcases a lively range consisting of red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine, champagne, spirits, beers, and ciders.

Contact: 201 Anfu Lu, Xuhui, Shanghai, +86 215 403 9962

4. Everwines

Everwines is a retailer of wines, Spanish ham, water and wine accessories. They offer a broad range of wines that suit every occasion. They purchase their wines directly from family-owned wineries, allowing them to price their wines fairly, providing their customers with the best value for their money. They import over 400 quality wines from around the world. Everwines put their best efforts to support China’s wine community with the help of accessibility, wine education, variety and value for money.

Contact: 200 Tai Zhou Road, Jing'an, Shanghai 200040, +86 021 3208 0293

5. Pudao Wines

From everyday wines to special occasion wines, Pudao Wines offer everything. They offer a comprehensive range of 1000 great wines at every price point from around the world. Their flagship stores are located in Shanghai and Beijing,where they provide tasting perks for customers before they purchase the wines

Contact: House 102, Ferguson Lane, No.376 Wu Kang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200031, +86 (0)216 090 7075

6. Shanghai9

Since 2009, Shanghai9 has been at a leading position in China’s alcohol and beverage market. They are known for providing a large selection of products, great service, convenience and value for the money for their customers. Their portfolio includes wines, champagnes, beer, ciders, whisky, cognac, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and liqueur. They are constantly putting their efforts in expanding their product line-up with imported beer and other unique wines and spirits.

Contact: 260 Nanxun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, +86 (0)135 6419 0998

7. offers the finest wines and spirits from around the world. Their portfolio includes refreshing white wines, classic white wines, a selection of red wines, namely, classic red wines, hot red wines, and elegant red wines along with sparkling wines, beers and spirits.

Contact: Building A, Room 2103, 1088 Xinjingqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, +86 216 087 6306

8. The Wine Republic

The Wine Republic focuses on offering a selection of high-quality wines from the world’s leading family-owned producers from cool-climate regions. Their portfolio consists of 260 unique wines from 45 producers in 6 countries. These six countries include Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Austria, and Chile. They offer champagne, sparkling wines, sweet wines, red wines, white wines and rose wines.

Contact: Room C, 12th Floor, No.958, Changping Road, Shanghai, PRC Code: 200002, 021-63375308/5309

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